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Asbestos Disposal

Asbestos has the potential to be a very dangerous substance and asbestos removal should only be attempted by trained professionals such as Simple Asbestos Solutions who have the appropriate knowledge and safety equipment to carry out the removal safely.

Homeowners should generally not attempt asbestos removal themselves unless they are totally confident that the material they are working with has been properly identified (usually by means of surveying and sample analysis) and they are able to carry out the works in accordance with the current legislative guidance. If they suspect that their home contains any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) they should contact an experienced asbestos removal contractor such as Simple Asbestos Solutions who can then carry out an asbestos survey or sampling regime to ascertain the extent of the problem and the type of asbestos that is present. Due to the inherent dangers associated with exposure to asbestos it is imperative that all guidelines are adhered to when removing asbestos. Asbestos removal and abatement must be a carefully planned and controlled process. Initially an asbestos survey will allow the professionals to identify what it is they are dealing with and then to formulate a best course of action for the removal of an asbestos containing material.

Asbestos Removal – Safety First

Through employing asbestos removal professional such as Simple Asbestos Solutions for asbestos surveys and the abatement of asbestos you are ensuring that they will have all the necessary safety equipment and knowledge of what precautions to take to make the removal of asbestos as safe as possible. Asbestos removal requires the establishment of a controlled working environment and the selection of task specific safety equipment. This equipment helps to ensure that inhalation and contact with the dangerous asbestos particles is minimised and that the material can be removed and disposed of safely. Specialist equipment is utilised by asbestos removal professionals during asbestos surveys and abatement and is necessary to ensure that the works that are being undertaken are safe. If you are worried that your property contains asbestos materials, it is important that you don't disturb the material as it is at its most dangerous when it’s broken or disturbed. You should seek the advice and skills of an asbestos removal contractor such as Simple Asbestos Solutions as soon as possible.

Asbestos Removal – Getting the Job Right

Once you have taken the decision to remove your asbestos containing materials it is important that you employ a suitably qualified professional company like Simple Asbestos Solutions to ensure that all of the identified asbestos material is removed. Even a small exposure to asbestos fibres has the potential to be dangerous and it is important that professional asbestos surveyors and removal contractors are used to ensure that the asbestos materials are removed safely and the property is left in a clean and safe condition for reoccupation

Looking for Asbestos Removal? Speak to Simple Asbestos Solutions

With over 30 years experience in the asbestos removals industry you know you are dealing with a name that you can trust with Simple Asbestos Solutions. We offer well trained asbestos removal teams who are there for each step of the process - from asbestos survey to the removal and cleaning of the asbestos and contaminated areas. To find out more about the asbestos removal services on offer from Simple Asbestos Solutions just give us a call on 0800 7311 803 or fill in our online enquiry form.